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As a Brand Photographer and Videographer, I was approached to do some professional brand photography and brand videography for a local chiropractic company in Campbell River BC. One of the owners Josh contacted me because they were working on building a brand-new website for their business.

He didn’t want to use stock footage anymore. He really just wanted to show how amazing his office space was and all the people that work there. He also wanted to show the variety of services that they offer but in an engaging way.

He really wanted to stay away from stock photos and boring photographs, and instead, create lots of brand videos to really show the experience as a client.


Level up the perception with professional images of the Chiropractic office space. “I want people to see the smiles of the amazing people that work here. I don’t want typical boring pictures or to use stock images. I want clients to see and feel what it is like to experience our services. We want everyone to feel welcome!”


Emphasis on the welcoming space, bright, professional, engaging


  • 150 professional images for their new website
  • 7x Short Form Video Content to showcase the variety of services they offer and what a client can expect
  • 1 Website Headliner Video that encompasses all of the many services they offer and the welcoming energy of the chiropractic space



Headshots of employees in Campbell River BC


We booked two sessions for the chiropractic studio for their brand photography and brand videography. On the first day, we mostly did brand photography, and we did professional headshots of all of their employees and the owners, of course, and then we did brand photography showing the different services they offer. So for example, they offer massage, low-level laser, orthopedics, and much more.

So on this photoshoot day, we got the basics down. I captured a layout of the whole office space, what the services were like, the different employees and welcoming faces – which was great to see. This proved that I know exactly what I’m doing when it comes to brand photography.

After this first session, they had so many brand photos to put all over their new website and to use for their social media and in their emails and things of that nature.

We booked a second brand videography shoot so that they could showcase the similar things but in video form.

The world is changing a lot and most businesses can’t portray their brand in photos as well as they can through video. It is so important to hire a brand videographer if you want to step up your game, step up your business and help customers understand who you are.

We booked a second videography session to do this brand videography, and to show all the different services that this chiropractic company offers. These videos are going to be used all over the website to show clients exactly what they can expect when they book that service with Discovery Chiropractic.

One service that was near and dear to Josh’s heart, was scoliosis care. We technically had two models to show what it would be like to come in for an initial appointment, get the X-rays done, work in the rehab room, and ultimately fix their spine. So we used someone who use our scoliosis and now is completely fixed for the most part to show the customers’ journey from before they got help with this chiropractor company to afterward. 

The ultimate thing you can do as a company – Show your client before and after. Emphasize the issues they had before they met you, how you fixed those issues for them, and where they are today. These transformation stories and videos sell themselves. They are vital.

These brand videos are very important, especially in that case. These videos are going to be used on their social media, and across their website. Again, the goal of this brand videography session was to just showcase how open and friendly the space is how how the space welcomes everyone, and is very inclusive to anyone that that needs assistance in their health. This was a really fun project to do and bring to life!

They had the perfect amount of photography and videography, for all different reasons. And this company is now set up for the long run in terms of content and branding!


Local Campbell River Photographer



Professional Headshots and Branding Photography in Campbell River BC by local Photographer Hayley Zumkeller


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